About Me

I’m all about 3 things:

1. Healthy Lifestyle
2. Healthy Eating
3. Healthy Fun
My name is Lila, and I am a 52 year old NJ native currently residing in PA.

About 20 yrs. ago my own family’s trials and tribulations with health problems inspired me to explore alternative medicine.

My father began having health problems. I believe this all stem from his weight; the food he was eating, and the prescription drugs. I was only 25 yrs. old and designed a program for my Dad and regiment of healthier foods.

I got started writing about healthy living on the Internet in May of 2005, so over 8 yrs. I have SEARCH for these 3 things, little by little my life changed for the better. I learned what it takes to become healthy and stay healthy. If you want a better lifestyle, look younger, or get healthier – follow me on Facebook or sign up to my email list!



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