Spray Perfect Reviews

Spray Perfect Reviews


Here is an honest review on the product, “Spray Perfect” – Spray your nail polish on in seconds. You actually spray it on instead of brushing it on your nails.

But Does Spray Perfect Really Work?

Ok, here’s the deal…you probably think, like I did…Wow what a great idea…I wish I thought of this, but questions you start asking yourself, how does it work? how long does it last? And how many color does it come in?

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Read This Before Buying you Buy Spray Perfect

I learn about “Spray Perfect” from an TV advertisement and right away thought why didn’t someone come up with this sooner, women have been painting their nails for years, hundred of years I’m sure, but the technology hasn’t come up til recently.

I tried to do my nails myself, but hesitate because I do no have the patience to do them especially on my right hand, because it is so difficulty to use my left hand to paint my right.  They come out looking so ugly.

Also, I can not afford to do my nails every two weeks which they should be done.

So when I saw this commercial I had to research it to see how it worked especially since it said you do not use any nail polish remover.  I do not like to use acetone on my nails, they weakens them and it gets into my skin.

Could this be true…no nail polish remover?

However, you do need polish remover to take the polish off. Nonetheless, I did see that there was an 30-day money back guarantee so I ordered.

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If you haven’t see the commercial here it is:

5 Steps to Fast and Great Looking Nails

1) Wash and dried hands.
2) Applied a clear base coat – use the one that comes with it or use your own.
3) Shake and sprayed the can your favorite color to your fingertips completely.
4) Applied the top coat no need to wait.
5) Waited about three minutes and washed off my hands.

Here is an Evaluation on the Spray Perfect Spray on Nail Polish

The result was absolutely perfect – could not believe it.  The main reason I really like this is the time, I never seem to able to block out an hour time to do my nails.  I do them and already getting up and working on something and then they get ruined.  I don’t have the patience just to sit to let them dry.  This is the reason why I love this product, it is so perfect.




sources: https://www.buysprayperfect.com/Index.dtm

“I couldn’t believe how easily the excess spray (paint) just simply fell off my fingers and hands, but held steadfast to my nails.”

“When I was done, it looked as though I had gone to the salon and received a professional paint job. I was very excited, so I decided to order some other colors.”

“I would have to say that I love the pink for my toes (yes, it works great on toes too!), and the white is my favorite for my fingernails.”

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Features & Benefits of Spray Perfect

  • The worlds fastest manicure – dries in under a minute.
  • New technology where color only adheres to nails-washes easily from skin.
  • Complete overage on your nails and only your nails.
  • Only takes seconds of gentle rubbing to remove excess polish from skin.
  • Save money and stop going to the salon.
  • Safe for Users of all Ages

benefitsforsprayonnailpolishAlso, here are the six colors offered by Spray Perfect are:

-Racy Red
-Sexy Silver
-Naked Nude
-Party Pink
-Passion Purple
-Whimsical White





Check out the commercial on how Spray Perfect works:

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Double Offer for $19.99 + Free Shipping

For $19.99, customers will get two Spray Perfect color options. In addition a free Base and Top Coat.

Spray Perfect comes with free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee, so users who aren’t satisfied with their experience can get a full refund.

FAQs on Spray Perfect Nail Polish




Customer Service for Spray Nail Polish

Spray Perfect™ is committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us with the information provided below:

Spray Perfect™
Box 2020
North Wales, PA 19454

Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm EST.

Customer Service Phone #: 1-800-340-3418

Email: Customerservice@plymouthdirect.com

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  1. June 16, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    I gave 2 cans of spray on nail polish to my don’t-have-time friend for Christmas. She wanted to kill me when she made a mess 🙂 She bought 3 new cans after a while and stopped asking me to do her nails because now she does them by herself.

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