ScanLister – Sell Used Books Using ScanLister on Amazon

What is ScanLister and How Can It Help You Sell Books?


scan books into amazon

ScanLister is a program or an application that quickly get your books listed into AMAZON.

First, you analyze the book on the condition: poor, good, new.  Second, then you scan the little bar code that is on the back of the book.

The rest is done for you because the UPC code you just scan aggregates all the information.

Once Amazon get the information they do the shipping, storage and the customer  service.  Or you can do the labeling and shipping its up to you.  The application works really well in an “used book sale” when you have hundreds of books to go through.

ScanLister Will Show You How To List, Label, and Ship Over 100 Books Per Hour Into Amazon Quickly”

If you want to know more about Nathan’s Scan Lister program then read on..

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You get a chance to try this program for 8 days and then it is less then $15/month.  This you can easily make from one sale of a book.  Right now this program scan new and old books only,  CD and other media will soon be available.  Try on books first and if you like you can invest into different all different kind of media.

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