Star Shower Slideshow Lights

Star Shower Slideshow Lights

“Star Shower Slideshow Will Show You How To Display, Decorate, and Illuminate Your Home”

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Shower Slideshow
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Hanging Christmas lights is very time consuming, takes forever to untangle
those string of lights.

Then once you get them untangled you
plug them in and it doesn’t work because
one or two bulbs are working

This year you don’t have to deal with this anymore.. They have created
a Star Shower® Slide Show™ for your house (outside or inside).

It is the easy, best and beautiful way
to decorate your house for any


What is the Star Shower SlideShow?

Pick the slide you want to use, insert it into the unit, and watch it play.

It comes with 3 type of speeds – freeze, fast and slow.

You just plug it in and insert the slide.

Comes with long-lasting LED lights.

Its water-resistant and waterproof so rain or snow will not effect the
efficiency of it.

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Star Shower® Slide Show™ comes with extra long stake to make sure it stay in the ground for the entire holiday.

There is  indoor base so you can use in your apartment or room and still have the holidays dazzle your environment.

Watch your home come to life with Star Shower® SlideShow™!


What is Star Shower SlideShow?


Star Shower Lights Slideshow


Transform your home from dark to dazzling with the Star Shower Slide Show!

It’s the brightest, most beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays.
Stop fighting with your tangled Christmas lights and decorate your home with dazzling designs!

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Star Shower Slideshow at Walmart

Star Shower Slide Show allows you to project holiday slides onto your house or walls.  String lights are a hassle to hang.  And most are only suitable for one or two holidays.  Star Shower Slide Show lets you celebrate your favorite holidays from one slide show projector.

Star Shower Slide Show has 3 speeds to play your light show. Toggle
between fast, slow, and static just by pressing a button. Light up your
home in a fast frenzy of fluttering snowflakes.  Play slow,
sauntering bats and ghosts to create an eerie atmosphere.  Having
a birthday party at night? Project static birthday balloons so party
guests know which house is the party house.

Easy Slide Technology
Star Shower Slide Show features full color slides!  Choose from 6
Christmas slides, 2 Halloween slides, or 4 holiday slides.  The
holiday slides feature an Easter slide, patriotic slide, birthday
slide, and Valentine’s slide. Engineered with Easy Slide Technology,
it’s an explosion of lights and colors.  A super-efficient motor
coupled with bright LED lights allows holiday images to dance over your

6 Christmas slides
2 Halloween slides
1 Valentine’s slide (hearts)
1 Easter slide
1 Celebratory slide (balloons)
1 Patriotic slide (fireworks)


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I love these lights because how easy it is to installed.  I dread
putting up lights every year.  My kids really love them so my
husband and I would put them up and every year I would tell him
lets just keep them up.  So when I found these star shower
lights it was the answer.  Now I look forward to putting this in
my front yard. In fact, I hated to see the holidays over and I would
have to turn them off.

Technical Details of the Star Shower Slide Show

Questions & Answers



I see this product is water resistant, but what about when it rains and snows? Will it get ruined? Why isn’t is waterproof instead of just resistant


I have the star shower motion… last year it sat in about 6 inches of
snow and was rained on several times without a problem.


It can handle the elements but if it’s submerged in a puddle, which is deep because it’s elevated, then I’d move it.

By Jessia Cordes on August 27, 2017



I need a projector that you can clearly see images atleast 100 to 110ft away can you recommend one?


Read the specs. This is not laser, it’s LED. If you want a projector
that will work from 100 or so feet away, make sure it’s laser powered and not LED or you will be VERY disappointed. However, laser is only red and green in color. Any other colors in the display means it’s LED.The advertisements for this Star Shower … see more

By JohnnyB on November 1, 2017



How long will the lightbulbs last


I plugged it in when I bought it (late June) and it has run
continuously since. It appears all bulbs are still lit. But I can’t
predict when they will go out!

Customer on September 1, 2017



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